How to Break an Addiction: A Guide to Overcoming Addiction

Your values are your beliefs that some things are right and good and others wrong and bad, that some things are more important than others, and that one way of doing things is better than another. Values are usually deeply held—they come from your earliest learning and background. Values reflect what your parents taught you, what you learned in school and religious institutions, and what the social and cultural groups you belong to hold to be true and right. Our approach for changing destructive habits, called the Life Process Program, is instead rooted in common sense and people’s actual experience. Surprisingly, the percentage of former heroin, cocaine, and alcohol  addicts who have quit on their own is even higher.

  • In the long run, you are worse off as a result of your addictive behaviors.
  • The skills needed to interrupt this cascading series of events are collectively labeled relapse prevention.
  • Additionally, being in an environment where you frequently used in the past makes it difficult to step away from old behavior patterns and start fresh with a new sober lifestyle.

Regardless of your decisions, the most important thing is to find a purpose that goes beyond drugs and alcohol. And it’s one of the biggest reasons a loved one can’t force recovery onto someone else. However, that’s not to say those seeking recovery can’t looked to loved ones for help. Look for things that will help occupy your time and keep your mind off of drug cravings.

Detox at Home: How to Detox from Drugs at Home Correctly

But, he said, until the day he quit, he had never even considered giving it up. On that day the price of a pack of cigarettes rose from thirty to thirty-five cents. It is a tool that you can use to examine your own life, non-judgmentally, noting what you have and what you lack, in terms of the skills and resources you need to beat addiction. In addition, you are assisted in fighting addictions by things larger than yourself and beyond your own life.

how to beat addiction without rehab

Many people can’t afford to go to a residential rehab or inpatient treatment facility, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars per month. Outpatient clinics have strict requirements and are time intensive. Affect is built with this in mind – we bring a full recovery program to you via our app so you don’t have to go to rehab. You can work the program from wherever you are and schedule your appointments at times that work for you. Even if you don’t have health insurance, our care advocates can work with you to get coverage.

Commit to a long-term rehab program.

Addiction is a style of consuming food, drink, drugs, bets, shopping binges, or lovers in excess. One answer is that they are focused exclusively on their own needs, or supposed needs, and are insufficiently connected emotionally with the larger world and the lives of the people around them. But what is wrong with assuming that addiction is a disease that simply happens to people like yourself? For one thing, even in cases of severe addiction, it just isn’t true. Furthermore, throughout this program, we have seen that there are costs to thinking of yourself as powerless against your addiction.

  • When asked recently on The Today Show how he cured himself of his addiction, Two and a Half Men sitcom star Charlie Sheen replied, «I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind.»
  • Rewards for success are great, but everyone must deal with failure.
  • Withdrawal from opioid addiction, alcohol, GHB, benzos, and inhalants is severe and can, at times, be life-threatening.
  • During this phase, people feel accomplished and optimistic.
  • After all, scoring drugs is a kind of goal, as is winning the lottery or driving a large car.
  • When you enhance and improve your contributions to others, or your output, you will find it easier to curtail excessive intake.

Of course, you may already have tried to overcome addiction in the past but have found it difficult to keep the momentum going. As mentioned, you’ll likely struggle with the threat of relapse most of your life. However, the best way to overcome these desires is simply by incorporating other hobbies into your life. According to one model of behavior change known as the transtheoretical model, making any kind of change involves a process that starts with pre-contemplation and moves into contemplation. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician. When asked recently on The Today Show how he cured himself of his addiction, Two and a Half Men sitcom star Charlie Sheen replied, «I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind.»

What are your values?

Yet you need to approach this change with a clear set of goals, motivation, and support. People who have set values and a motivation to change are likely to beat the addiction. Similarly, people with stable homes and a supportive structure are likely to avoid addiction or overcome it. If you are having difficulty quitting drinking without rehab, but you still don’t want residential treatment, you can go for outpatient treatment.

You should avoid bars and clubs even if you are fighting another type of substance. Drinking lowers inhibition and impairs judgement which is likely to lead to a relapse. The secret is to view the urge from an objective standpoint. Take Alcohol Shakes: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and Remedies time to think about the negative feelings you experience from the urge. Avoiding friends who use and distracting yourself are effective ways to manage cravings. Effective treatment requires you to resolve the underlying issues.

An Artist And A Scientist Take On The Stigma Of Addiction

Once you are done with rehab, aftercare services can provide much-needed support to reduce your risk of relapse and make the transition back into daily life much easier. However, it can be difficult to grow and change in these areas without a third party to guide you. Drug rehab programs also provide educational information about addiction so you can fully understand how drugs and alcohol affect your mind, body, and behavior. However, addictions don’t really provide people with positive experiences or benefits.

how to beat addiction without rehab

Substance use commonly occurs alongside other mental health conditions. However, if you are feeling depressed or find yourself constantly wanting to return to the addictive behavior, you should seek support and treatment. Others find it painful, difficult, and frustrating, sometimes needing many attempts before achieving their goal.

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